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Ericsson LG PABX Aria SOHO

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Ericsson LG Aria SOHO Smart Communication

New technologies in the realm of telephony bring us advancement in communications which in turn influence changes in business from large-sized enterprises to small ones.
However, traditional imperatives in the SOHO telephony market stand fast asking for values like cost effectiveness, easy Operation & Maintenance (O&M) at the forefront.
Ericsson LG PABX ARIA SOHO is a latest offering, delivered on LG-Ericsson’s digital technologies, to selectively address to needs of communications in small- and medium-sized enterprises and homes.
Proprietary Terminal :LDP-7208D,LDP-7224D,LDP-7248DSS


SMART telephone system with Plug& Play facility
Ericsson LG PABX ARIA SOHO is designed to be a user manageable telephone system in regard to installation and O&M.
With Plug & Play facility thru a full-hybrid architecture, the Ericsson LG PABX ARIA SOHO gives a maximum flexibility in selecting types of user terminals whether dealing with Analog SLT, FAX or Digital phone. And when connecting external lines, Ericsson LG PABX ARIA SOHO recognizes varying signals identifying FAX from voice and automatically delivering them to the appropriate types of terminals.
In fact, this facility can especially satisfy the needs of small- to medium-sized enterprises as well as home users with little-to-no engineering background.

LG-Ericsson DIGITAL technologies : Making services costless
Traditionally in the small telephony environment, fundamentals in technology seem to be beyond the interest of users as long as basic services are satisfied. This nature often keeps users from evolving to an upgraded environment for smarter communications and also forces them to resort to a separate payment for additional services.
As one of basic components, LG-Ericsson has developed an integrated device and implemented it into a basic cabinet of Ericsson LG PABX  ARIA SOHO making some of services costless.
– Call Processing Tone Detection , SMS / Caller ID Sending / Receiving , DTMF Processing , Fax Tone Detection

Affordable scale to 48 extensions
Due to its digital architecture, Ericsson LG PABX ARIA SOHO easily and affordably expands up to 48 extensions without wasting initial investment.

Empowering analog extensions
As cost can be a primary issue for most small offices, digital telephones could be selectively given to only a few employees.
Accordingly, the majority of system features should be easily supported to SLT users rather than digital proprietary telephones users.
In Ericsson LG PABX ARIA SOHO, the upgraded services represented by SMS, CID and several PC applications are analog extension focused.

Managing communication costs
Ericsson LG PABX ARIA SOHO provides services to monitor and restrict outgoing traffic (as needed) in order for a manager to control communication cost.
Sophisticated service options
On users’ requests, Ericsson LG PABX ARIA SOHO can provide additional sophisticated options usually offered in larger telephone systems.
-TAPI interface for integration with 3rd party applications
-PC based attendant (ez-Attendant)
-TAPI based PC phone (ez-Phone)
-Built-in type voice mail / auto attendant
-Modem unit for remote maintenance
-LAN interface for Ethernet connection

Customer driven system
Small enterprises or home users may want to have full-control to manage the system for themselves.Ericsson LG PABX ARIA SOHO gives hands-on methods for M&O like PC-Admin (On-line / Off-line) software and Speed Editor for updating the User database.


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